Old Town

Home to a variety of comedy venues, shops, and mix of old taverns.


Welcome to Old Town

The walkable, narrow streets and historic homes of Old Town give way to a string of high-rises lining the open vistas of lake and parkland. Home to a variety of comedy venues, shops, and mix of old taverns and modern bars, the tiny neighborhood also packs its fair share of entertainment.

The Neighbors

An educated and affluent population with a love for the European neighborhood vibe.

What to Expect

Peaceful, private streets with a few commercial stretches.

The Lifestyle

A lively atmosphere with some of the best comedy in town.

Unexpected Appeal

A welcome escape from the chaos of urban expansion.

The Market

Affordable walk-ups and high-rise condos with lake views.

You'll Fall in Love With

Charming backdrops and close proximity to the lakefront.

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